Epson 4010 Vs Optoma UHD60

Nowadays, projectors are no longer luxury electronic goods and have become one of the technology devices that are desperately needed, especially in presentation activities. Just try to note, if in the past a projector is only needed at certain events or activities, especially offices, now this device has been widely used in public activities such … Read more Epson 4010 Vs Optoma UHD60

Optoma GT1080HDR Vs BenQ HT2150ST

The use of projectors for various purposes nowadays has become something that cannot be abandoned. A projector is a tool that must be provided for the smooth running of an activity. A projector is a tool used to help display images, videos and other data from a computer or laptop onto a flat-screen. This activity … Read more Optoma GT1080HDR Vs BenQ HT2150ST

Optoma GT1080HDR vs HD39HDR

What activities do you like to have at home? Watching TV shows? Watching sports events? or Playing games? All the activities mentioned earlier will be more fun to be seen from a big and widescreen, with HDR picture quality and 4K compatibility. Speedy refresh rate also a consideration when playing casual to high-resolution games. Talking … Read more Optoma GT1080HDR vs HD39HDR

Epson 3800 vs Optoma UHD 50x

The world has changed. Since many years ago, television has been the most useful entertainment tools at home. People were entertained enough with television as their home entertainment. Meanwhile, projector was known as an electronic device for presenting report and such office’s activities. Projector considered as a slow and laggy tools for entertainment’s usage.  With … Read more Epson 3800 vs Optoma UHD 50x