NexiGo PJ10 Vs PJ20

Projectors are convenient, and options like Nexigo PJ10 Vs PJ20 are very affordable for large viewing. These projectors are suitable for casual users who want to enjoy their favorite content on a large screen without buying a new TV. The two are very similar with a slight difference and if you wonder which to go for, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Projector to Choose
  • What are NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20
  • How are the Unit of NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20
  • How are the Specs of NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20
  • How is the Image Quality of NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20
  • What are the Features of NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20
  • What is the Available Connectivity in NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20
  • NexiGo PJ10 Vs PJ20

Buying a Projector

Projectors are a convenient option for those who want to watch their favorite content on a large screen. They are most likely to be cheaper than a TV with a fixed ratio and image size so that you can save a lot. The way a projector shows the image also makes it convenient because you can have a different setup and place it almost anywhere as long as there is a flat surface to cast the picture on. But, depending on what you want from the projector, our choice may vary.

Projectors meant for home use usually don’t have very high lumens because we can control the room or environment. Depending on your video or content source, it is best to get the model that has a native 4K resolution, especially if your videos are mainly in this resolution. The HDR compatibility is also essential for a more improved experience. But, if you don’t mind the image quality or want to spend less, the 1080p should be adequate.

There is a type of projector known as short-throw, which has a very short distance to cast the picture. It is perfect for people who don’t have much space or want the most convenient setup. A short-throw projector only requires a few inches from the screen to cast the same picture size a regular projector can offer. But, if your projector is primarily viewing data or graphs and for office use, it is necessary to have something with a brighter lamp so the information will be easy to understand.

 NexiGo PJ10NexiGo PJ20
Product Dimensions‎8.85 x 7.4 x 3.28 inches
12.59 x 9.05 x 4.25 inches
Shipping Weight‎3.85 pounds5.51 pounds
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About NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20

Like most products, it is wise getting something matching the purpose since not everyone has the same preference. You can think about where the projector is placed, what content you will view, and your taste. The best projector that gives a theater-like experience will cost quite a lot. Still, if you don’t pay much attention to the image quality, we can choose from many options in the affordable range, especially from alternative brands.

For those who want to spend on a budget, NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 are exciting options. These projectors are very affordable for less than $300, and the PJ10 is even cheaper, at less than $200. These projectors are perfect for casual movie watchers who want to enjoy their favorite content on a huge screen without buying a new TV. They can replace your TV as well because both are Wi-Fi capable.

As models from the same line, both projectors are very similar. The main difference between the NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 is their lumens or brightness because the PJ20 is brighter than the PJ10. But, for the features and ability, the two will offer the same facility, such as Dolby sound. We don’t recommend expecting too much for a model in this price range because none of them will beat the image clarity and brightness of the high-end projectors.

The best part of NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 is their wireless connectivity because it means we can cast the image from your phone or connect the projector to the network. They are not natively a smart projector but like your traditional TV where a dongle or additional equipment is needed. You can add a TV dongle, TV box, USB flash drive, and other media players to the device and start enjoying the content without a TV. Read also: Xgimi Mogo Pro vs Mogo Pro Plus here.

NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 Unit

The NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 are not compact projectors at all. They are about the same size, but the aesthetic is entirely different, and the setup is quite different. We prefer the button arrangement on PJ10 because it is easier to use. The buttons are larger and easier to press. You will notice a knob on top of PJ10, which is both the power button and volume adjustment. The PJ20 also has a power button at the rear, making the unit look more streamlined.

The power button/knob acts as a focus adjustment as well. The buttons on the PJ20 are more streamlined and smaller, located at the top of the unit, near the lens hood. The large knob on the side of the PJ10 is the focuser for adjusting the focus of the image. Both NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20’s housing is made of thick plastic, and the walls are featured with a grille to help the internal components to cool down. The projectors have a built-in speaker, but the PJ20 is slightly louder.

NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 Specs

The NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 are regular projectors meaning you need to put a distance between the unit and the screen. The projection size or maximum image size is 200 inches for the PJ20 and 176 inches for the PJ10. The maximum distance from the screen for PJ20 is 21.8 feet, and for the PJ10, 16.4 feet. The full size won’t look as sharp or good, so we recommend keeping the size and distance at a moderate level. Depending on your video source, the image ratio is standard or 16:9 and 4:3.

NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 Image Quality

When buying a projector, most people look for the lumens or brightness level because the higher the lumens, the brighter the projector should be. However, it is not guaranteed that models with higher lumens, especially coming from different manufacturers, will be brighter than the other models. NexiGo PJ10 and the PJ20 are very similar, but they come from the same company, and in comparison, the PJ20 does look slightly brighter than the PJ10. But the difference between 220 and 350 lumens is not much.

In real life, the brightness doesn’t noticeably affect the image quality, and we think your room or ambient light plays the most important role because it will reduce the LED lamp’s brightness. None of them state the contrast ratio, so we can’t compare the stats, but they look the same for indoor use. Besides indoor, these projectors are also suitable for outdoor viewing during the night. Both native resolution and the compatible input are the exact 1080p. Thus they can play most online video content.

NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 Features

Like most projectors, the NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 offer several picture settings. One of them is picture mode, where you can adjust the settings like color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. You can also change the projection mode, whether to view the picture as it is, mirrored, flipped, or flipped and mirrored. The image scaling function is to change the object’s size on the screen. The aspect ratio option and image focusing are also among these available settings.

These projectors also have keystone correction that comes with the power button. This keystone adjustment is to correct the picture within 15 degrees. If your image angle is incorrect, this feature is necessary to fix and make it flat to the screen or surface. Your picture may also come out unfocused, and we can adjust it using the mentioned menu above or from the remote. The button with F is the focus function, so you want to press and hold it until the image is clear.

NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 Connectivity

As for the available connectivity, you can choose to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Note that Bluetooth connection is only for audio transfer, so if you want to cast or transfer an image, the function you will need to choose is iOS cast or Miracas on the homepage. The Bluetooth connectivity is useful to help you attach a Bluetooth speaker to the projector. While they already have a dedicated speaker, none of them are loud enough, so you may want to connect an external speaker for a better experience.

There is a regular 3.5mm port on the back if you have a regular speaker to hook the equipment. If you place the projector close to you, this port is also useful to plug in headphones or earphones so we can watch in silence.

NexiGo PJ10 Vs PJ20

Both NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 are good options for looking for reliable and convenient projectors. They can stream from the internet, too, when connected with TVbox or dongle to provide the operating system. They can cast your smartphone and laptop’s screen for a more immersive experience. The main difference between NexiGo PJ10 and PJ20 is the brightness, as the PJ20 is slightly brighter and can cast a slightly bigger picture. The PJ20 also has two HDMI ports instead of one like the PJ10.

- Full HD Native 1080P Projector, The NexiGo PJ10 Projector comes with native 1920x1080P with Full HD resolution that ensures clear color and crisp imagery. The projector features a high brightness rating of 220 ANSI lumen (over 7500 Lux) and delivers cinema-like picture quality for any home theater.
- 5 GHz Support Wi-Fi Projector, Ultra fast 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi offers you a smoother and lag-free online video streaming experience. It supports wireless screen mirroring for iOS, Android, and Windows devices without the need for an extra HDMI adapter or apps. (Note: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and similar apps do NOT support screen mirroring due to copyright protections)
- Supports Dolby_Sound & Bluetooth 5.1, Built-in Dolby_sound provides a clear auditory experience without external speakers. Bluetooth 5.1 function can easily connect headphones, speakers, or other audio equipment. Customize your experience to best suit your needs.
- Wide Compatibility, Widely compatible with almost any device. Works with game consoles such as the PS4/PS5/Xbox, computers like the Mac/PC, most supported Smartphones with iOS/Android, TV sticks including Amazon Fire, DVD players, USB sticks, and more.
- 1080P Native Resolution & 350 ANSI Lumens, With 1920 x 1080 native resolution and 350 ANSI lumen brightness, the NexiGo LCD projector provides high-resolution images that are crisp and clear. Immerse yourselves in your movies and enjoy home theater quality at an affordable price!
- Wireless Screen Mirroring, With 5 GHz Wi-Fi technology, the NexiGo PJ20 projector supports wireless screen mirroring for IOS, Android, and Windows devices. You can easily display the screen of your devices without extra adapters or apps. (Note: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and some similar apps do NOT support screen mirroring due to copyright protections.)
- Dolby Sound & Bluetooth 5.1, The built-in speaker features lifelike Dolby sound. Bluetooth 5.1 supports fast and stable connections with external speakers or headphones for a more immersive audio experience.
- Wide Compatibility, This LCD projector is equipped with multiple ports including HDMI, USB, AV and a 3.5mm audio jack. Attach a: TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Speakers, DVD player, USB Flash Drive, Media player, iPad or iPhone with ease.


The decision is all yours because not all of us will have the same preference. If you only watch indoors and don’t need the projector to be bright, we recommend PJ10 because it is much more affordable. The PJ10 supports the same connectivity and formats and is easy to use.


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