Onoayo 5G Vs Vimgo 5G

Projectors like Onoayo 5G Vs Vimgo 5G are great alternatives to huge TVs at a much cheaper price range. These projectors are ideal for casual users who want to enjoy their favorite content on a larger screen. Both models are bright enough for home use whether you like movies or games. However, some notable differences may affect your decision. Let’s see what to expect from these projectors here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing a Projector
  • What are Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G
  • How are the Design of Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G
  • How to Set Up the Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G
  • How is the Image Quality of Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G
  • What else Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G can offer
  • Onoayo 5G Vs Vimgo 5G

Projectors Advantages

A projector is a convenient method to enjoy your favorite content at home. They may look too serious for some people but are very useful for entertainment purposes. Many people use a projector to complement the entertainment system at home even when they already have a TV. If you are unsure about buying the projectors, here are some reasons to make the purchase:

  1. We can customize the screen size while the TV is stuck with only one size. You can have one projector and watch a 50 inches screen size or 200 inches depending on spec and the distance between projector and screen.
  2. Because the projector can show a bigger image, we can read or watch with much comfort. Sometimes it is hard to read subtitles or see the details on an image as our eyes age. But, a projector can help by providing different projection sizes to meet the application; the more significant the image size, the more people can enjoy or read the same content.
  3. Modern TVs are much thinner, but they are still bulky as a projector. Usually, we don’t move a TV once we find the ideal placement. Projectors are smaller and easy to move around, whether for home use or office and school.
  4. Projectors are more affordable than TVs. The current budget TVs are usually around $500, but you can find projectors even less than $100. The cheap models will not be extraordinary but are useful, and you can get a much better, home-cinema quality projector at any price from $500 to $4000.
 Onoayo 5GVimgo 5G
Product Dimensions8 x 7 x 3.7 inches
8 x 6 x 3 inches
Shipping Weight‎3 pounds
3 pounds
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About Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G 

There are so many good projectors, and the best options are those that fall within your budget and offer what you need, such as connectivity modes or brightness levels. The budget projector’s main disadvantage is brightness, so we have to watch them in a dark room to achieve the best image quality. You may also have to consider where to install and watch it because the projector relies on the distance to create the image size, and not everyone has the same room or setup.

We recommend trying the budget or entry-level projectors for casual users who want a big version of their TVs. A good projector doesn’t have to be expensive, but they need to be useful and reliable. The Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G are some of the best budget projectors for home use. These projectors have decent brightness and are very easy to use. The best part is that you can connect the smartphone to the unit and start enjoying the content from a much larger screen.

Because Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G are the budget options, they won’t be as bright and sharp as the high-end models. We need to maintain the expectation, and while you can watch 4K content such as from YouTube, the projectors’ native resolution is 1080p. These two are regular long-throw models, which means we have to put quite a distance to create a large picture size, but they should be able to project 50 inches diagonal images from approximately 5 feet.

Some people may wonder what the 5G means from the model name and whether the Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G are wireless variants. The 5G is for connecting with a smartphone and not for direct streaming because they don’t have a built-in smart OS like Android to install a streaming app. Users will need to connect a content source such as laptops, smartphones, flash drives, or streaming devices to enjoy the projectors. Read also: Yaber V10 Vs Y31 here.

Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G Design

From the aesthetic point of view, both Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G look like any projectors. The housing is made from plastic, and they are glossy. The white fashion may look too obvious in a dark room, but it is a minor cosmetic issue. The Vimgo projector is approximately 8 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 3 inches tall. The sidewalls have a grill to improve air circulation, and the lens has a sliding front cover. The focuser and buttons layout are at the top and inputs on the left.

The Onoayo 5G measures almost the same as Vimgo 5G but is slightly taller. This projector has a rounded design as the sidewall is curvy. The focuser and the buttons are on top to adjust the device’s setting. The sidewall has a grill to help cool the projector’s heat during application. The inputs are on the back, and both projectors include a remote control for better convenience. Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G also provide power, HDMI, and AV cables for physical connection.

Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G Setup 

These projectors are relatively easy to use, and the most time-consuming is finding the place and creating a flat projection. The Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G will need a content source, almost like an older TV where you plug a Roku or Chromecast. Put a streaming service or console through the HDMI port, choose the input, and select what type of content you want to open, such as video/movie. Setting up these projectors is a breeze, and you can start watching the content very shortly.

The distance affects your screen size, and we can adjust the position until reaching the extent that you prefer. We can also connect external speakers to improve the sound quality, but these projectors already have built-in speakers for convenience. The Onoayo has two HDMI ports, so you can plug both streaming stick and console or two types of inputs simultaneously. On the other hand, we only see one HDMI and one USB in Vimgo.

Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G Performance 

Next, let’s see the image quality from Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G. Both models are standard 1080p projectors which should look great on most applications. They can also play a 4K signal so that we can enjoy the higher resolution at a smaller price. The projectors require a distance to create a larger image, so the further we place them, the larger the image; pretty straightforward. The rough calculation is one foot for each 10-inch increment, so roughly, you get a 90-inch image with 9 feet distance.

s is impressive for the price point. We can get around a 10-inch diagonal image, and the picture is still very detailed. However, they are very bright, and while the listed lumens say 9500L and 8500L, we should take the claim with a huge pinch of salt. But, they will look beautiful in a dark room. The brightness level is almost the same, and Onoayo is just slightly brighter. The contrast is also deeper on Onoayo at 10,000:1 or 8,000:1 on Vimgo.

We find them pleasant for casual movie watching and gaming. The image is sharp enough for a smaller screen, but the image stays great, around 200 and 150 inches. The Onoayo 5G seems to have a wider size tolerance, so you can push the projector further, while Vimgo has a smaller recommended maximum image size. Be prepared to see defocus as well because we sometimes see the image lose focus as it goes further from the center.

Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G Features

The smartphone mirroring is the most exciting feature of Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G. The feature is very convenient because we can rely on the phone to provide the content. Do consider how long you will be watching because a typical smartphone will overheat when playing videos for hours. In addition, not all smartphones can use the mirroring feature, so there is some compatibility issue. Usually, all you need to do is connect the smartphone and projector to the same Wi-Fi and choose the projector or smartphone for pairing.

These projectors also have a built-in speaker, which is good but not very loud. We can add external speakers for a louder and more immersed experience; you can use cable or connect through Bluetooth for convenience. They also have several picture modes and adjustments such as keystone to correct the image if necessary.

Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G

Both Onoayo 5G and Vimgo 5G are good options in the budget range. The image quality is comparable, but the Onoayao is slightly brighter if the room has a little more ambient light. The projector is also better if you want to watch on a larger screen as it still looks good at a further distance. The contrast is very similar, and there is no noticeable difference. The Onoayo has two HDMI if you have two devices, while Vimgo only has one, but both can use external speakers for a better experience.

-【380 ANSI LM & Portable Native 1920*1080P & 10000:1 Contrast Ratio】AYO1 outdoor projector adopts the exclusive optical system and BSCO panel to increase 30%+ brightness and light utilization, depicts crystal clear and bright picture. Innovative space tech packs bold sharper, brighter and more colorful image into a small body, achieve only 2/3 the size,weight and budget of the other 1080P projector. Send with an extra bag to carrying your ultra portable 400” big screen anywhere.
-【5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth& 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi 】Enjoy Wireless Freedom! Mirror everything on your phone to 4k projector in 1sec. With 2.4G/5G Dual-Band WiFi, AYO1 has a higher wireless speed, wider range, smoother transmission than others only 1 band. The newest Bluetooth 5.1 chip gives more stable and faster speed. With Bidirectional BT tech, AYO1 can connect to Bluetooth speaker wireless but also can connect to phone as a speaker. Built-in dual 8W Hi-Fi SRS speaker, enjoy the immersive fun.
-【Dust-Proof Sealed Optical Engine & Advanced Cooling System】The Sealed Optical Engine prevents dust from entering the inside of the video projector, effectively reduce the occurrence of black spots. Built-in advanced heat dissipation structure with 3 fans to monitor the internal temperature to control the cooling speed, greatly extend the movie projector lifespan and ensure the stability of image & brightness quality.
-【Zoom Function/Dual IR Receiver/Multimedia Connection】With ZOOM function, AYO1 phone projector can reduce the image size to 75% without moving. 360°flip feature support front, rear and ceiling installation. The small projector has Double IR to receive a wider range, remote control commands are easier and sensitive. This HD home projector also allows connection with TV Box, TV Stick, iOS & Android phone, Laptop, flash drive, headphones and DVD player via 2*USB/2*HDMI/VGA/AV port.
- 【Native 1080P Full HD & 8500Lux Brightness】VIMGO native 1080P full HD projector delivers movies, video games, sports, and more to life in a stunning viewing experience with crystal clear images. VIMGO WiFi projector gives the best performance when connecting a TV stick to the projector via HDMI port, which offers you an unprecedented visual feast.
-【5G WiFi Synchronize Smartphone Screen】VIMGO Venus X2 wifi projector enables synchronize smartphone screen by breathtaking 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi. The native 1080P projector for outdoor movies and home theater offers brilliant true-to-life quality from iOS/Android/Window 10, bringing you accessibility, affordability, and no hassle.
-【Large Cinematic 200’’ Projection Screen】Features a huge projection screen, Venus X2 movie projector provides a screen size of 33’’-200’’with projection distance varies from 3.67ft-19.68ft. Exceptional home theater projector conveys the truest color and imparts the deepest feelings upon the viewer. You can enjoy a visual feast while placing the mini projector flexibly anywhere!
-【All-You-Ever-Need Connectivity】VIMGO portable projector is compatible with multiple devices, including TV stick, iPhone/Android smartphone, iPad, laptop, Switch, PS5, USB, etc. Pushing your viewing experience to new heights with multimedia connections, the phone projector provides flexibility to enjoy year-round indoor and outdoor entertainment.


There is no wrong option because both are suitable projectors for the budget. The Vimgo is more affordable and ideal if you want to spend less than $200. But, we recommend the Onoayo 5G because it has two HDMI for convenience and is slightly brighter while also ideal for a large screen.

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