Vankyo V600 vs Vivibright F40

There are quite many brands of projectors in the market. Each has a specific capability, different prices, and different specifications. This makes people who plan to have a home projector will look at a suitable review to get the worth products that value for money. The same thing happens when you look at between Vankyo V600 VS Vivibright F40. They both might seem working in the same idea and way, but it specifically different in capabilities, price, key items, and many more. To provide better information before selecting a suitable product to buy, below are some details paragraphs that bring a good discussion on each difference.

General Brand Overview

Among many available brands, Vankyo is well known for its focus on developing various segments of home cinema projectors. While Vivibright is not yet focused on the home cinema only, but still include various purpose on the products. That is why Vankyo has developed various versions for different segmentation while Vivibright is for a widely used including for games or office presentation. Read also: Vankyo V600 vs V620

However, if you want to compare both products for a home cinema purpose, then it should not matter. Put in mind that several difference will be a basic criterion to select, such as the resolution, brightness, dimension, and else. Therefore, if you need to check which one is your best selection in terms of a home cinema projector, the information below might be all the comparison you’re looking for. Take a look further the details below.

 Vankyo V600Vivibright F40
Product Dimensions15.3 x 15.3 x 5.9 inches
11.6 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches

Shipping Weight8.65 pounds
5.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Key Features and Specification

Each product develops with specific key features and specifications. Vankyo V600 is developed with a quite good specification, mainly in terms of brightness and a higher number of lumens. While Vivibright F40 is an entry-level product that still tries to upgrade from the previous version and try to make the product as good as the other competitors. 

However, both have several same specifications in some areas. Such as the same native resolution, which works at 1080P resolution. Hence, both provide the same image quality when performed. Both of the products also complete with HDMI and full HD technology for a better view and performance. While in terms of the warranty, no need to worry, as to whether you choose Vankyo V600 or Vivibright F40, both are completed with 3 years of warranty. 

Pros and Cons

Both products claim has several important pros and cons. Therefore, a good customer might need to look further into details to make sure the appropriate selection. Such as Vankyo V600 that have several pros below:

  • It has a clear and detailed image view result when using.
  • The product not only able to use as a home theater but also suitable for business and educational purposes. As the specification is developing for a premium version, not an ordinary home cinema projector.

However, Vankyo V600 also has several cons to consider such as a quite loud and noisy fan. It also only a 60Hz refresh rate, some slight softening on the picture during some action shots. For those who wish for a better sound, then this might not the best selection to choose from.

The different way with Vivibright F40 that claims that it has several great pros including giving a clear and vivid image in the daylight environment, support for different purpose including for gaming, for video projection, for theater and even for A PPT presentation. It is also able to serve long hours which can use up to 8 hours. But, remember that this product also has some cons such as listed below:

  • It has not supported with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The product also not compatible with 3D.

Dimension and Weight

As the products come from different brands and manufacturers, the dimension is different. Whether the size or the weight, they are not the same. Vankyo V600 has a bigger size and more weight. It has 15.35 x 15.35 x 5.9 in size with 8.3lbs weight. While if looking at the detail, Vivibright F40 dimension size is 11.6 x 9.6 x 3.5 in size with a weight of 5.9lbs. Therefore, if you prefer a lighter product that can easily take anywhere, then Vivibright F40 might your best selection in terms of the dimension and weight.

Brightness and Contrast Ratio

As mention above that both create a different number of brightness too. If you wish a better product, then it is suggested to select the best lumens. Such as Vankyo V60 is completed with 5000 lumens, while Vivibright F40 is only made with 4200 lumens. However, Vankyo V60 contrast ratio is 5000:1, while Vivibright F40 contrast ratio is up to 15000:1. This basic difference brings the different results of performance when using. 


Concerning the price of each product, Vankyo V600 VS Vivibright F40 is selling at almost the same level of price. If currently, Vankyo V600 is selling for $250, the Vivibright F40 is now selling online with price at $240. Therefore, overall the price difference is not quite significant. However, this slight difference is due to a difference in the key features and capability, which makes Vankyo V600 is a better selection in your wish for better performance.

Vankyo V600 vs Vivibright F40

-【NATIVE 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTION】With native resolution of 1920*1080 and contrast ratio of 5000:1, the VANKYO Performance V600 brings 3 times of more details than 720P projectors, delivering impeccable image quality for professional use.
-【+80% BRIGHTER THAN OTHERS】Featuring 6000 lux of brightness, this V600 projector provides a display up to 300" in size, and ideal contrast for business presentations, designed to create an excellent performance.
-【ULTRA LONG-LASTING LAMP】With long-lasting lamps, this V600 full HD projector lasts for over 10 years of daily use (2-3 hours per session)
-【VERSATILE DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY】The V600 has two HDMI ports, including one premium audio, allow users to project full HD presentations from laptops, smartphones and streaming devices.
- [Full HD 1080P Native Resolution]: 2019 New upgraded LED projector provides standard 1920/horizontal and 1080/vertical native physical pixels, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, matches the best sound quality, as well as true color LCD panels.
- [Up to 97% More Bright]: With 4200 Lumens LED white light, this movie projector offers vivid and bright colors even in daylight enviroments, up to 300" big screen, ideal for gaming, home or outdoor theater, video projector and PPT presentations.
- [SPDIF for HiFi Sound Quality]: The 1080P projector with 2xUSB ports, HDMI, Audio out interface and 2xIR receiver is compatible with most of devices. Professional SPDIF out interface and 2 built-in 10w chamber stereo speakers offers you amazing HiFi experience.
- [Respond Quickly & Smoothly]: Equipped with BOP-dependent 1080P LCD panels, our projector is quicker than most smart TVs and there is no lamp warming up time needed, perfect for a game projector.


From the above explanation and comparison, it can conclude that Vankyo V600 is more worth buying products than Vivibright F40. Considering a slightly different price between both of these projectors, it is better for those who wish a specific premium product to select Vankyo V600. Since Vivibright F40 is so standard for an entry-level projector. Therefore, if you wish for a better experience of watching the comfortable screen projector, then Vivibright F40 might not your suitable solution.

Having a good buying guide is an important thing to consider before selecting something. The same way when you want to select which projector to buy between Vanyo V600 VS Vivibright F40. From the above information, hopefully, you will able to decide the best and the most suitable products. Therefore, in the end, it is all worth money and will not let you feel disappointed after buying one of the options. Good luck!

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