ViewSonic PX700HD vs Optoma HD143X

Everybody loves bigger images for they are going to give a different or better experience but, bigger TVs are very expensive and space consuming which is why projectors like ViewSonic PX700HD Vs Optoma HD143X are more popular nowadays for they can cast big images with less space to worry. Both of them are affordable, high performance projectors for home use but if you are also confused about which to choose, go see our article below to check what they can offer before shopping for one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which to Choose Between TV and Projector
  • What are ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X
  • What ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X Look Like
  • How are the Image Quality of ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X
  • What else ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X can offer
  • How are the Speaker in ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X
  • What Ports Available in ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X
  • ViewSonic PX700HD Vs Optoma HD143X

TV and Projector

Wall-sized TVs are attractive because they can deliver a huge image or presentation of a content we want to see better as well as capable of offering a life-like image quality depending on your content. Almost all of us want to have a huge TV at home for this reason but the fact is a bit unfortunate because the bigger they get, the more expensive they will become unless there is a huge discount happening in your preferred store. Furthermore, they will occupy so much space in your house as well.

For those who are looking for a method to watch their favorite content in a huge size but don’t want to spend so much or have a wide room to fit the huge TV, a projector will be a great help. Not only they will stay in a very compact form but in comparison with a TV, they may only need a very small space to store when not being used. However, while projector does win in some aspects, we also admit it is not the best option for all of us.

  1. Size, TVs used to be fall behind projectors very far in the past but today bigger TVs are getting more affordable but still, you can’t get those that can view 300-inch images at such an adorable price like Epson VS250 Vs ViewSonic PA503S with a TV.
  2. Next is brightness because it will affect whether we can enjoy the image in a bright room or not and for those who always watch their movies in a bright room, TV will be the best answer since no matter how good or expensive the projector, their image quality will fall down quickly when you turn the light on.
  3. Contrast is another plus point of TVs and this is the combination of black levels and brightness in your TV or projector but in general, image quality wise a TV will give you better contrast since they can deal with ambient light and heighten perceived contrast in which projector is not able to.
  4. Next is resolution and this is a bit tricky because both of them are available in UHD which makes the decision harder but, in practice collectively combining contrast and brightness, TVs UHD performance will be better compared to the projector.
  5. The last but not least is installation and we do think TVs win this part hands down the most convenient because what you need to do is plug the power and input if using certain player while projector will require you to use dedicated cables and setting the image so the casted pictures are perfectly square and not crooked especially if the projector and wall or screen are not placed straight to each other.

About ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X

There are tons of reasons to choose TV over projector but then again, not all of us are looking for the same points and benefits which is why our opinion and decision can be different from one another. If what you are looking for is a low budget method to enjoy a bigger images of your content and a tool that won’t occupy so much room in your table or cabinet then the answer is a projector because they are made exactly for these reasons.

 ViewSonic PX700HDOptoma HD143X
Product Dimensions5.3 x 13.1 x 10.3 inches
9.7 x 12.5 x 4.2 inches
Shipping Weight7.94 pounds
5.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

There are lots of options to check out for your ideal projector but it may take some times and to make sure we can shop quickly as well as reliably, we do recommend people to pick from huge companies or well-known brands like ViewSonic and Optoma because they are more trusted and reliable to always offer good quality products. We also love the fact that they are carrying lots of options in the catalogue to match with everyone’s preferences.

For those who plan to not spend more than $500, a great options from these brands respectively are ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X. Both of them are equally offering a bright lamps for your movie watching or gaming hours but are also quite affordable for all the capabilities they can offer. They are very ideal for home theater or a multimedia room in your house because both are already capable of casting 3D content, yet, none of them are packed with the accessories yet so you have to purchase them separately.

Both of them are highly praised for low-lag input when user’s goal is to use these models as a gaming projector and even better than many on their price range which means despite the low price, we can still rely on them for those gaming night. However, with typically lower brightness, you may not want to use any of them inside a bright room because their lamp won’t stand a chance against the light.

ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, they are looking like any projectors out there especially for Optoma because this company has this distinct design which you can find on the other models like HD27HDR, very similar to this HD143X. ViewSonic also tend to have a thicker or taller form factor in comparison yet, similarly they are sporting a well-built plastic body with grills on the front and sides for cooling the internal components since projectors are prone to heat.

In comparison, ViewSonic is measured at 12.9-inch wide, 10.2-inch long, and 5-inch tall while Optoma is measured about 12.4-inch wide, 9.2-inch deep, and 4.3-inch tall so it is slightly more compact than PX700HD. Size wise, the former is also slightly heavier and besides the similar grill placement, they are also equally placing the ports or connectivity panel at the rear portion while the control buttons are at the top.

ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X Image Quality

Just like when looking for a home theater projector or business, the first thing you have to pay attention still the same which is its brightness for they will decide how we can adjust the ambient light inside the room for the best result or viewing session. Both of them are very standard at 3500 and 3000 as the maxed brightness and in comparison, there are lots of models with higher lumens with slight price different than any of these two.

However, for home use, we can adjust the light as needed or if you are capable, purchase a black curtain or shade to avoid any sun rays coming from the outside. As for the native resolution, both of them are already capable of delivering an HD 1920 X 1080 image quality while you can still maxed it up to 1920 x 1200. The image size are also the same at 300 and 301-inch if maxed out while the smallest size are at 30 and 28-inch respectively.

ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X Features

On the adjustment feature, ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X are coming with vertical keystone to make sure we can cast the image properly despite not placing the projector in a straight alignment with the screen. They are also adjusting at the same level which is at -40/+40 vertically. Besides the 3D ready with suitable content, player, and accessories, these projectors are also game ready with low lag performance so the command are executed faster in comparison to similar other home theater projectors.

ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X Speaker

Next is speaker and in this side, we do think Optoma is a more ideal option in case you plan to use the projector as a standalone tool since this model is already featured with 10 watts mono speaker which sound like regular TV’s speaker while on the other hand ViewSonic is not very reliable and falls behind when it comes to audio level for it is only accompanied with 2 watts speaker. However, we can always use an external speaker for better audio quality.

ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X Interface

Moving to the connectivity side, ViewSonic PX700HD and Optoma HD143X are equipped with standard ports at the back starting with 15 pin HD D-Sub, 19 pin HDMI Type A, 4in USB Type A, 9 pin D-Sub, mini USB Type B, and a 3.5 stereo phone jack for your headphones on the former then 19 pin HDMI Type A, 4 pin USB Type A, and the same audio out jack for your speaker or headphones in Optoma.

ViewSonic PX700HD vs Optoma HD143X

- SUPERSIZED MOVIES AND GAMES: Immersive theater-like colors in Full HD (1920x1080p) on a screen up to 300-inches in 3500 lumens. Keystone-Vertical (+/- 40°)
- CINEMATIC COLORS: Exclusive SuperColor technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment
- REDUCED INPUT LATENCY: Ideal for intense action-packed gaming, this projector delivers smooth images without delay
- LONG LAMP LIFE: SuperEco mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15,000 hours
- CLEAR, DETAILED IMAGES: 1080p (1920×1080) resolution renders sharp and detailed images from high definition content without downscaling or compression
- STUNNING PICTURE QUALITY: High contrast (23,000:1), reference display mode and RGB combine to deliver bright, accurate colors that are perfectly aligned to the REC.709 and REC.709b color space.
- LONG LAMP LIFE: Enjoy up to 12,000 hours of lamp life for an average of 4 hours of viewing time for 8+ years
- LOW LAG FOR GAMING: Experience fast 1080p input response times when connected to the latest gaming consoles and High Performance PCs

These projectors are a nice choice for both movies and games but in comparison ViewSonic is also brighter which makes this model performs slightly better in both dark and rooms with more ambient light. They have the same maxed out resolution and image size at 300-inch but you can achieve the same size in shorter distance with ViewSonic. In addition while you can always connect external speaker, the one in Optoma is more convenient for a movie night without having to add another setup.


Deciding between the two can be time consuming because there is no bad choice to avoid but if we have to pick one, we do recommend ViewSonic PX700HD for its higher lumens and shorter throw but make sure to have speakers or headphones as well to get the best audio.


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