Vivibright F40 vs F30

Movie night is always fun with a large screen and in a dark room so we can enjoy the image better. If you prefer to use a projector, there are plenty of options to choose from, especially for those who love a wider image for the experience. Affordable variants like VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vs f30 are usually enough for various types of application while not being the burden to your pocket. If you are also eyeing these projectors, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look for in a Projector
  • What are VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30
  • How are the Build of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30
  • How are the Specs of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30
  • How are the Placement of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30
  • What else VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 can offer
  • How are the Performance of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30
  • VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vs f30

Projectors for Home Use

Most of us are consuming certain types of media or several of them and movies or videos are just too entertaining to spend your time with whether it is broadcasting current news happening all around the world or your favorite movies. To watch these content we need a TV or a system that can stream and then view the content which can be anything from a smart TV, smart devices like smartphones and tablets, to a smart projector, whichever is more convenient to you.

For home entertainment, the option will be richer as you can choose anything including a projector. This piece of device may be more well-known as a mass viewing option as it can cast a pretty large image but they can be useful as well as an individual use or for a replacement of the main TV in the house, especially with models that can work on their own or have an operating system to stream a content such as the Mogo Pro Vs Xiaomi projectors.

Projectors can be versatile too but probably not as straightforward as a regular TV. One of the most important aspects when buying for a new projector is the throw ratio and screen size because of the nature of how the lamp casts an image, the longer the distance the larger as well the image. Throw ratio can help in determining how big the image can be with the space available in your room. If you still want a large image even at a narrow space, a short throw model is the one to go for.

They can be quite expensive but having something we can arrange even in close proximity to the screen while still delivering a large image for even the people on the back to enjoy is easier than having to mind the placement further away from the screen. Another basic factor is the brightness itself which is tricky since what’s claimed are not always what you get so we have to take the specs with a grain of salt, knowing most of them are not exactly what you get.

Bright rooms require a bright projector as well but do mind that ambient light will always mess with the image and this might be an issue if the application is meant for entertainment where image quality should be the top priority. But, in the real world we can always modify the room by closing the blinds or use a dark curtain to block some light. If this is meant for business or education which most of the time only shows presentation and documents, we will still be able to see the information pretty easily.

 Vivibright F40Vivibright F30
Product Dimensions11.6 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches
11.6 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches
Shipping Weight5.9 pounds
5.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30

Now when you already have an idea about what to look for or how the projector should be, it is the time to see what the market has to offer. There are plenty of amazing options out there and you may like one or more of them. Price wise, we also recommend setting a budget so then we can shop quickly by eliminating those not in the range you want to spend. While the more you pay often means the better the quality, there are still some good options on the lower range.

They may not be the best for image contrast or brightness but for an occasional movie viewing night, we can settle for less depending on how much we are willing to pay. Among those, VIVIBRIGHT is one of the most interesting options because of the price point which we personally rarely see on the market. This brand is not very well-known either but is there when you need a very budget friendly alternative. If this sounds like what you have been aiming, let’s see what they can offer here.

Just like most brands, they do carry some options to let you consider which seems to be the better alternative and for those who are shopping with less than $500 or less than $300, the VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 are two attractive models to purchase. These projectors are surprisingly very affordable for what they can offer and depending on where you can find them, usually they are not costing you more than $200 with the f40 being the more expensive.

As you can guess, the VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 are close brothers so you can expect that they will have lots of similarities as well. In general we believe they are useful in typical home applications such as casting the image from your computer or laptop to watch movies etc. They are easy to use, convenient, and pretty straightforward as well but still give a good experience for just a movie night or watching shows.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 Design

Being close brothers, these projectors should be looking similar as well but it is not the case here because they are completely different even from the finish as the f40 has this glossy, silver housing with a Y logo at the top that somehow reminds us of Mercedes’s or some gaming PC. What’s similar is the layout since their placement of lens, grill, and port; even the remote control layout is the same. Below the housing, there is a foldable stand to lift the projector.

The rear port is identical and you can see there are an array of buttons here as well for when you want to adjust the projector but can’t find the remote, a very thoughtful design if we may say. These two are bulky, not ideal for traveling or on the go option so we do think they are best for home use only. Build quality wise there is nothing special but it also doesn’t mean any of them are flimsy either.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 can offer because this is where you will decide which of them to bring home or to spend on. As budget options, the projectors native resolution is only Full HD so it is 1080p with an image ratio of 16:9 or 4:3. In application you can use them at home or as a business and educational purposes. They are also coming with the same brightness level which is claimed to be 4200 ANSI.

The claimed contrast ratio is also pretty high which is 15000:1 making them ideal for movies and other common viewing purposes. Besides movies you can connect a console as well such as PS4 or Xbox On and Switch and play on a larger screen without having to buy a larger display which is often more costly.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 Placement

Next we want to mention the placement which relates to the throw ratio since this is how you will place the projector and how far we should spare a distance. Both are rated at 1.38:1 which is not short either so you have to put the projector a bit further to enjoy a large image. They can be from the middle part of the bedroom to a wall or if installed vertically we can use the ceiling as a screen. The placement can be as near as 1.2 meter.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 Features

On the feature part you will get basic adjustment from the menu such as screen rotation and symmetries as well as common image settings such as default which is what they are first set at or you can adjust the brightness, color, borders, and dye; all through the remote. In addition there is an audio speaker as well on the unit but we can add another external speaker as needed if you prefer louder volume, which then mute the projector.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 Performance

Lastly is about their image quality in which we are quite surprised about how well they are maintaining the contrast. Not the best projected image you have seen but still useful and enjoyable, especially if you haven’t used high-end models. They are working well and straightforward and for those plans on streaming, as long as we can add a fire stick on the USB port, we can enjoy on demand content like smart TV or smart projectors that cost multiple times.

Vivibright F40 vs F30

Both VIVIBRIGHT f40 and f30 are very similar which is why we kind of wonder why they would make the same product into two different models. From the main specs perspective they are the same 1080p projectors with the same brightness, contrast, as well as throw ratio and even features. They carry the same ports and use the same remotes; what’s different is the f40 looks more expensive with a new face and a carrying case.

-【Full HD 1080P Native Resolution】: 2020 New upgraded LED projector provides standard 1920/horizontal and 1080/vertical native physical pixels, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, matches the best sound quality, as well as true color LCD panels.
-【Up to 97% More Bright】: With 4200 Lumens LED white light, this movie projector offers vivid and bright colors even in daylight enviroments, up to 300" big screen, ideal for gaming, home or outdoor theater, video projector and PPT presentations.
-【SPDIF for HiFi Sound Quality】: The 1080P projector with 2xUSB ports, HDMI, Audio out interface and 2xIR receiver is compatible with most of devices. Professional SPDIF out interface and 2 built-in 10w chamber stereo speakers offers you amazing HiFi experience. This projector doesn't support the Dolby, Please switch off the Dolby of device connected,or will be no sound.
-【Respond Quickly & Smoothly】: Equipped with BOP-dependent 1080P LCD panels, our projector is quicker than most smart TVs and there is no lamp warming up time needed, perfect for a game projector.
-【FULL HD Class is the new standard】☞The f30 is the ideal projector for both high definition presentations and vibrant multimedia entertainment
-【For Home cinema need vivid color,we care...】 ☞ Most of this type of projector, although the parameter description meets the user's needs
-【SPDIF out interface for HiFi experience】☞The f30 also features HDMI , double USB Port with Multimedia direct play function.
-【Up to 95% brightness higher than the same technology solution on Amazon】☞VIVIBRIGHT's f30 cost-effective projector has 4,200 white light (LED lumens)


You can go well with any of them as they seem to only upgrade the cosmetics of the projector. The f30 is cheaper in comparison and if you can find the unit then we do recommend the option but even if you like the look of f40 better, the price gap is small enough to neglect.


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