VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vs Vankyo V630

Projectors are very convenient if you don’t want to buy a new TV because they can produce a large image even with the fairly compact main device. VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vs Vankyo V630 are good choices with their affordable price and good image quality as well as various useful features to improve the user experience. While the two are inexpensive, they are capable of delivering a nice performance but, before deciding to choose one, we’ll see below about what they can offer and which seems to fit you the most.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in a Projector
  • What are VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630
  • How are the Design of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630
  • How are the Image Quality of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630
  • How are the Placement of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630
  • What else VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 can offer
  • VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vs Vankyo V630

Buying a Projector

We all love watching TV whether it is for our favorite shows or just to see what the current news is all about. But, not only through TV, we can also enjoy the similar experience with a projector. This screen-less system is growing in popularity because they are more affordable and also compact, in case you don’t have much space to work with. The fact that we can get a massive screen on very small equipment, it is great to have one at home.

But, not all projectors are the same and it is always best to make sure we are getting the most ideal option. If you are also considering buying a new projector, here are some factors to consider besides the brand or models itself.

First is considering the image quality because just like a TV, your projector needs to produce at least a decent image quality to enjoy. The basic specs to look at are resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio. With a TV, we don’t have to worry about screen brightness at all because they are very bright and in most cases we can watch them in almost any condition including on a bright day light but not the same with a projector.

Since the projector is using a lamp to cast the image, the brightness level is far lower than those from TV and they may not be as visible if there is too much light in the room. Resolution matters just like we decide to buy a 1080p or 4K TV nowadays but a projector such as YABER V2 Vs V3 can be much lower in resolution. The higher the resolution, the better as well for the image when you want to watch it at larger size.

 VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vankyo V630
Product Dimensions11.6 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches4.3 x 12.4 x 9.3 inches
Shipping Weight5.9 pounds8.76 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Contrast ratio on the other hand is a number used to indicate the difference between the dark part of the image and the bright area so it is simply how dark the black color is in your projector. This will be very visible once we watch it in a dark room so projectors with higher ratio will produce deeper black and make the image have a better depth as well.

Second is how you will set up the projector since it is necessary to think about where to place the unit due to the fact that we need a distance from the lamp to the screen or wall. Notice how long the throw ratio is and how large the image they can cast on the distance you plan to install it. Short throw projectors may be more expensive but they have the upper hand when it comes to setting up the equipment much closer to the screen without reducing the image size.

About VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630

Now when you already have an image on how the projector should be or what to look at from the unit, it is time to see what the market has to offer since there are definitely plenty of them out there. Shopping based on your favorite brand can be a good alternative as well if you have a specific brand to look for yet, the most popular are usually expensive and there are actually lots of good alternatives, especially if you don’t have to buy the best projector ever.

Among those good alternatives, VIVIBRIGHT and Vankyo are two promising brands to consider. They may be as well-known as BenQ or Optoma and many other popular manufacturers but their price point makes it difficult to not pay attention to what these companies are offering with their projectors. Many of them are very affordable and still capable of delivering a good experience, despite not being the best as well but, for typical home entertainment, their projectors are already very promising.

Depending on what resolution you want to have, a Full HD projector is a basic option. They are in the middle up and should be a safer bet compared to many other lower range projectors out there. If you have the same thought, the VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are very similar, they are using the same Full HD native resolution for the image quality and coming with what a projector is usually packed with.

They are not a short throw model however, so we have to consider how large the image and how far we can put a space between the unit and a wall, for example. But, when it comes to image quality, as long as we can manage to dim the room, it should be no problem for both VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 to deliver their best performance.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 Design

Before getting into what these projectors can offer, let’s see the unit first. Personally we like projectors for the compact size but not all of them are actually as small as we want them to be including these two. The f40 projector is quite huge and weighs about 6.2 lbs. with a plastic housing. Somehow there is this Mercedes look-like logo at the top but it is probably VIVIBRIGHT’s aesthetic. The unit is measured at 11.5 inch wide, 9.5 inch deep, and 4 inch tall; a very clean interface with ports and buttons all located at the rear panel.

The Vankyo is not far apart as well in dimension since this projector is slightly lighter at 6 lbs. with a width of 12.4 inch, height of 4.3 inch, and depth of 9.3 inch. It has a milder look however, with a white fashion and a mesh face plate. At the top we can see the control buttons located at the far edge of the projector while the ports are all located at the back panel. The V630 has an adjustable, screw-style stand at the bottom while f40 has a folding stand which is non adjustable in height.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 Image Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 can offer and starting from the basic specs, both of them are native 1080p projectors so your FHD content will be shown at the actual resolution. What’s annoyingly confusing is that Vankyo chose to use LUX instead of Lumens for their brightness measurement which is strange as most projectors use the more standard metric. The acclaimed brightness of f40 is 4200 lumens and the latter is 6500 LUX.

As for the image quality, the best thing about FHD projectors is that they can deliver the real resolution of your video so even at larger projection images, the picture will still look crisp and not as grainy as if you are deciding to go with lower resolution. In comparison, the brightness of affordable projectors won’t be the same as those that cost twice or three times but we do think the VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 are still manageable even for daytime viewing.

When used during the day, the brightness is not far apart from each other and the VIVIBRIGHT does look slightly brighter and more noticeable, especially when casted at a large size. During the night the two look very good but this time we don’t see any noticeable difference in image quality between the two in comparison.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 Placement

Now for the placement part for VIVIBRIGHT F40 and Vankyo V630, they are not a short throw so it can be a bit annoying to find the best placement and for f40, do note this projector cast its image a bit lower so we may have to stack something below it to make sure the screen is aligned properly. They have no lens shift so the keystone is the only way to adjust the image is by using keystone correction. It is easy to use but high chances also reduce the image quality.

However, V630 does have a reduce screen function which is like zoom but to reduce the image size to match your screen size or distance. This feature allows for more convenient placement in case you have a wide room and want to install the projector far behind so the image size can be smaller than how it initially will be.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 Connectivity

Lastly for the connectivity, none of VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 are Android based so meaning we have to use another input for streaming content if you will use them like a TV but on the basic they have the typical ports such as 2 USB, 1 HDMI, SPDIF for audio, and headphone jack port on f40 while in V630 we get a VGA port, 2 USB in which one of them support 5V input, a VA jack and a headphone jack. They have built-in speakers too in which f40 does sound louder and better in comparison.

VIVIBRIGHT f40 Vs Vankyo V630

Both VIVIBRIGHT f40 and Vankyo V630 are good options on the budget range of Full HD projectors because they have good image quality as well as easy to use. In terms of brightness the f40 is actually brighter in comparison but when the lights out, the depth and contrast are looking very similar to each other. What we like better in f40 is the sound quality since it is very prominent but when it comes to placement, we do think the v630 is easier to set up.

- Native Full HD 1080P Resolution: The new 2020 updated LED projector provides standard 1920 / horizontal and 1080 / vertical native physical pixels, 15,000: 1 contrast ratio, match best sound quality, as well as true color LCD panels .
- Up to 97% brighter: With 4,200 lumens LED white light, this movie projector delivers vivid and bright colors even in daylight environments, up to 300-inch large screen, ideal for gaming, home theater, or on-air free, video projector and PPT presentations.
- SPDIF for HiFi Sound Quality: The 1080P projector with 2 USB ports, HDMI, audio output interface and 2 IR receivers is compatible with most devices. Professional SPDIF output interface and 2 built-in 10W camera stereo speakers bring you an incredible hi-fi experience. This projector does not support Dolby, please turn off the Dolby of the connected device or it will not sound.
- Responds Quickly and Smoothly: Equipped with BOP-dependent 1080p LCD panels, our projector is faster than most smart TVs and there is no lamp warm-up time required, perfect for a gaming projector.
- True Native 1080p Full HD: VANKYO Performance V630 is equipped with 1920 x 1080 native resolution, 5000: 1 contrast ratio and 50,000 hours of lamp life. The revolutionary brightest video projector meets all the audiovisual satisfactions for your office or home entertainment PowerPoint presentation.
- 300 Inch Projection Screen: Featuring a large projection screen, the Performance V630 Film Projector provides a screen size of 46 to 300 inches with projection distance ranging from 5.15 to 30.18 feet. Exceptional home theater projector that conveys the truest color and imparts the deepest feelings to the viewer.
- ± 45 ° Electronic Key: The Performance V630 LED projector uses advanced electronic keystone correction technology, which creates a possibility for you to automatically adjust the 45 ° keystone correction. Innovative heat dispersion cooling system and powerful noise reduction technology that reduces fan noise.
- Wide Compatibility: Equipped with 2 HDMI, AV, VGA, USB ports, SD card and audio output, the Performance V630 video projector allows you to flexibly connect to various devices such as TV Stick, PS4, PC, laptop, USB sticks, cards SD, Android or iOS devices, etc.


Depending on which matters the most to you, our option may vary but we suggest getting the Vankyo V630 if you have a large room since the screen reduction feature can come in handy and this projector has a VGA port as well if you want to connect a computer.

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