Wewatch 5G Vs Tkisko 5G

Affordable projectors Wewatch 5G Vs Tkisko 5G are perfect for home use. These projectors are bright enough for your bedroom or living room and are convenient with plenty of connectivity modes. They are easy to set up and produce good image qualities, but there are also some differences. If you also consider buying one of these budget models, let’s see what to expect here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Select a Projector for Home Use
  • What are Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G
  • How are the Designs of Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G
  • How to Setup the Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G
  • How is the Image Quality of Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G
  • What else Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G can offer
  • Wewatch 5G Vs Tkisko 5G

Selecting a New Projector

Buying a projector can be quite challenging because we have so many different options. The best projectors will have all bells and whistles while also capable of producing brilliant images. But, they are costly, and not all of us want to spend on expensive entertainment devices. If you have a plan to install a projector at home, here are some factors to consider:

  • Check the resolution. Most projectors are at least 720p which should be adequate for personal viewing and casual applications. The typical affordable such as Onoayo 5G Vs Vimgo 5G, are 1080p, and you can find 4K models. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image quality, but even 1080p projectors will be able to play 4K contents.
  • Consider how you will use the projectors. We usually use a 15-pin VGA cable to connect a laptop to a projector in school, but many other options exist. We can plug a controller or streaming dongle via HDMI port if you use a projector like smart TVs. Many projectors are also compatible with smartphones for screen mirroring via native features or a third-party app.
  • Consider where to place the projector. A projector is essentially a very powerful lamp as they produce light, so naturally, the light that forms images will be against our room’s light source. The brighter the viewing condition, the brighter the projector’s lamp needs to be. Brighter projectors are expensive, so it is more convenient to control the light rather than spending more.
 Wewatch 5GTkisko 5G
Product Dimensions14.07 x 9.38 x 4.77 inches
10.2 x 8.2 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight5.01 pounds
4.2 pounds
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About Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G

A good projector doesn’t have to be expensive, but they have to be reliable, so we can enjoy the performance. Many good projectors are affordable, but some are noticeably cheaper. The best thing about budget options is that we can enjoy huge pictures without spending on a larger TV. They usually have good brightness, but it is wise to maintain the expectation because they won’t appear surprisingly fantastic or fancy. Budget projectors are perfect if you don’t have specific brightness and image quality demand.

While budget TVs are still around $500 for the moderate size, you can get a mid-range projector at the same price point. Many budget projectors are less than $300, and some are less than $200, especially the dimmer options. The Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G are ideal options for users who want to improve their experience by increasing the image size. These projectors can easily make a 100-inch projection and maintain the sharpness for movies or videos. We can also connect a console like PlayStation or Xbox to a game on a giant screen.

The best part of Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G is their price points because both are affordable and can produce good image qualities. The Tkisko 5G is noticeably more expensive or almost twice the price of Wewatch, but the latter is also brighter if you can’t make the room very dark. We think both projectors will look much better when there is very little to no light in the room. The projectors also have different input modes to match the setup.

There is no wrong option between Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G as we recommend any model that fits your preference the most. We choose the Tkisko 5G if you use the Bluetooth feature because this projector is more reliable in this connectivity with no noticeable delay. But, if you only use physical or Wi-Fi connectivity, then Wewatch is more cost-effective.

Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G Design

Today’s specific models we are talking about are Wewatch V50 and Tkisko TO1, with similar features or abilities. The form factor is relatively compact, and there is no issue with the installation. You can choose to install these projectors on a ceiling, so it doesn’t get in the way of putting them on any flat surface. We were surprised that Tkisko was coming with a backpack from the box. The projector also includes standard accessories like power,  connectivity cables, and remote control.

The Wewatch V50 doesn’t come with a backpack, so we wonder whether the extra cost is actually for the accessories. But, worry not because the projector also provides the cables and remote control. The form factor is slightly smaller than Tkisko, so it is suitable if you often travel with the unit. Like most projectors, the ports are located on the back panel and control buttons at the top. The projectors have grille walls to improve air circulation because the unit will get warm when in use.

Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G Setup

We need to set up the projector before enjoying the content. We think they are relatively easy to get started with even though TVs are much more convenient. The steps and methods for Wewatch V50 and Tkisko TO1 are the same. First, we power and plug something into the projector, such as a streaming dongle or a console. Open the menu and choose the content source, such as HDMI. The projectors will then show the menu or content from your external device.

Worry not if you don’t have a streaming dongle because we can also plug a USB flash drive. These projectors are more similar to regular TV without smart features. We can choose what media type to view or play and open the folder. It is necessary to choose the media type because these projectors tend to show the recognizable files only. They can play audio internally with built-in speakers and are also compatible with external speakers via physical cable or Bluetooth.

In addition, we can connect the projectors to your Wi-Fi and play the content from a smartphone or smart device. The casting feature is highly convenient, but note that our smartphone will get warm, and prolonged use of this connectivity can quickly drain the battery.

Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G Image Quality

Next is picture quality which is the most important in a projector. The Wewatch V50 and Tkisko TO1 have a decent brightness at 230 and 400 ANSI lumens. They are pretty low but standard for budget models. The brightness is surprisingly good as long as you can maintain the ambient light, and like most projectors, they will look best in a very dark room. The native resolution is 1080p for a clean and clear projection, but they can also play 4K quality video.

Side by side, the image from Tkisko looks more saturated and or brighter. We also like the user interface of Tkisko because it looks modern and is still easy to understand. The maximum picture to cast from Tkisko is 300 inches diagonally, but we recommend using it in moderate size or half of the maximum spec to maintain the image quality. On the other hand, Wewatch has a maximum size of 200 inches, and it still looks good at 100 inches screen.

Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G Features

The Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G also have some features to improve the user experience. One of the most common problems we face when installing a projector is that the image is not flat to the screen. Both projectors offer the standard 4D keystone correction, but Tkisko offers a wider adjustment of up to 50 degrees horizontal and vertical, while Wewatch only allows 15 degrees. The Tkisko also offers zoom-in features to get a better detail or closer look at your image missing from Wewatch.

As mentioned above, the Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G come with built-in speakers, but we can also improve the audio experience with external speakers. The Bluetooth performance of Wewatch is not the best as it is slightly delayed than the picture, so we recommend using a physical cable to add an external speaker. The Tkisko is better, and we find it works smoothly. If a Bluetooth speaker is not your thing, we also listen with Bluetooth headphones.

Wewatch 5G Vs Tkisko 5G

Both Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G are good projectors in the price range. Because they are budget options, we can’t demand so much from the system. Users need to provide a content source type because while the model name is 5G, they are not directly streaming the content because the projectors don’t have a smart system. We also love that there are two HDMI ports on both projectors, so we can plug more devices and choose the input conveniently.

The main difference between Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G is the brightness and overall performance. The image quality looks good on both models, but Tkisko is brighter and has a higher contrast for a better experience. This projector can also maintain Bluetooth connectivity when adding speakers.

-【Real Full HD 1080P Projector】- With native resolution of 1920*1080 and LCD display technology, WEWATCH Native 1080P WiFi projector provides sharp and detailed images for home theater and outdoor movie. The 1080p projector is perfect for displaying videos, movies, presentations and more.The diffuse reflection tech delivers soft and uniform light, making the image gentle to your eyes and reducing your eye fatigue for long watching sessions
-【Home Projector with Higher Brightness & Contrast Ratio】- The led projector has 230 ANSI lumen (Over 15000 Lux) brightness and a High FOFO contrast ratio of 1500: 1 and High Dynamic contrast ratio of 15000: 1, providing crystal clear and bright image for videos and movies even in well-lit rooms; up to 40000 hours light source life; now you can enjoy a memorable movie night with your beloved ones and friends at home or outdoor with this portable projector
-【Large Screen Home Theater Projectors】- WEWATCH V50 Projector has a clear watching size of between 36" and 200" from a distance of between 3.8 ft and 19 ft. The throw distance makes the home projector suits small or large rooms inside your house or even in your backyard. The massive 200" screen size ensures a great visual experience no matter you are watching movies, playing games, listening to concerts and more, a private home theater experience is made easy with the movie projector
-【5G Wi-Fi High-speed Projection】- WiFi projector can perfectly transfer movies/videos/photos from iOS/Android devices to big screen for projection display via 5G WiFi. 5G WiFi makes projection faster and smoother than 2.4G WiFi, just enable Screen Mirroring function via Setting. Due to copyright issue, phone projector can't support protected Apps via phone connection (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu), please plays the copyrighted videos via Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, PC, and laptop
-【A Fully-featured and Budget-friendly Movie Projector】TO1 HD Video Projector features in true 1080P resolution, dual-band wifi connection, wireless&wired mirror display, 5.1 bidirectional Bluetooth, 4D keystone correction, 100%-50% Zoom function. With a fully sealed optical engine, it is also a dust-proof projector. The diffused light can be much less harmful to your eyes than tv. If you want to enjoy platforms like Netflix, Disney+, an extra tv stick is needed.
-【Native 1080P & 400 ANSI Lumens】TO1 is a high-definition, high-brightness home theater projector. With true 1080P resolution, it supports playing 4K videos via phones and computers. Tiny details can be captured on the big screen. TO1 HD projector’s 400ANSI lumens brightness is even brighter than those 9500lm projectors, allowing you use it indoors during the day. In dark environment, its picture quality reaches the optimal. As an honest seller, we do not recommend you use it under daylight.
-【2.4G/5G WIFI & 5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth connection】TO1 Wifi Projector can connect to your phones and laptops wirelessly in a minute. Get rid of wire and space limitations, brings your favorite blockbusters, sports games and video games to a large screen more freely! With the latest 5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth connection, the Bluetooth projector can not only connect to your own speaker, but can also work as a Bluetooth speaker when you connect it to your phones.
-【4D Keystone Correction&Zoom&300” Large Screen】TO1 bedroom projector’s Keystone correction is one-step to operate, allows ±50° horizontal, vertical and rotate adjustment. Zoom function can adjust the screen size from 100% to 50% so that it can better fit your screen. This 1080P projector can project a large 300” screen, brings you a movie theater. It is also great for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. Get it and you will enjoy wonderful Christmas movie parties with your loved ones.


There is no wrong option because Wewatch 5G and Tkisko 5G are amazing for the price point. We recommend Wewatch 5G for budget shoppers because it is more cost-effective. But we recommend Tkisko 5G, especially for those who will use the projector for showing different content such as presentations, because it looks brighter and has more contrast.


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