Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2

Your hunt for a portable projector has led you to choose between Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2. Both are quality portable projectors that have received lots of good marks from their users, and they are standing in the same price range.

Read our comparison below to learn more about:

  • Why Xgimi MoGo Pro is generally more portable and easier to use
  • Why ViewSonic M2 may be a better choice for watching movies in daylight
  • The overall image quality of Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2
  • The connectivity features of Xgimi MoGo Pro and ViewSonic M2
  • Which projector offers a better overall value for the money

Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2: Portability

Although both products here have been designed to be portable, they do have different dimensions. If you want the smallest and lightest projector, you should go with Xgimi MoGo Pro. However, if small increments to the size and weight do not matter to you, the elegant design of ViewSonic M2 may tempt you more. Read also: Yaber V6 vs Y31.

Xgimi MoGo Pro comes with a fairly plain design. It has a white body with grilles on the front and sides, and a panel holding the power button and connection ports on the rear. Nevertheless, the build quality is good. The body feels solid and sturdy.

It measures only 4.13 x 3.78 x 5.71 inches, so it is very compact. The weight is barely 1.98 pounds. You can easily slip Xgimi MoGo Pro into your backpack on your trips. You can mount it on the ceiling, or simply put it on a coffee table.

ViewSonic M2 definitely has the more attractive appearance here. The black panel on the top that is coupled with a bronze surface on the perimeter creates a premium look. In addition, it has an integrated foot stand, which can be handy for adjusting the vertical angle of the projected screen.

However, ViewSonic M2 is not very portable. This model measures 10.7 x 10.3 x 6.5 inches and weighs 2.9 pounds. It is not as easy to slip into a backpack. Not to mention that the wide rectangular profile of the projector will require more space when put on a table.

 Xgimi MoGo ProViewSonic M2
Product Dimensions‎5.71 x 4.13 x 3.78 inches
8.82 x 2.01 x 8.82 inches
Shipping Weight‎1.87 pounds
2.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2: Battery Life

One issue that commonly plagues portable projectors is a poor battery life. Fortunately, both Xgimi MoGo Pro and ViewSonic M2 are equipped with decent, reliable batteries that can last long enough for one or two movies in a row.

Xgimi MoGo Pro is at a slight disadvantage here, as the battery life is relatively shorter at 240 minutes. On the good side, this should be sufficient for watching most movies, except those uncommonly long ones that go above four hours. This is also great for office presentations and the likes.

ViewSonic M2 offers a maximum battery life of 360 minutes, which is amazing for a mini projector. This is nice for movie marathons and binge-watching those TV series that you’ve always wanted to see. The longer battery life may also be beneficial if you often need to travel to do presentations in front of business clients.

Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2: Brightness and Image Quality

The other problem that often plagues portable projectors is a poor brightness performance. Small projectors often have weak lamps that are unable to throw screens with enough visibility in daylight. To make things even more confusing, manufacturers often write their product specifications using different brightness measurement units: Lumens, LED Lumens, and ANSI Lumens.

The brightness level of Xgimi MoGo Pro is rated at 300 ANSI Lumens. This is comparable to 700 – 1000 LED Lumens. The projection resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, with a native aspect ratio of 16:9.

In real use, Xgimi MoGo Pro’s projection does not look really bright in daylight. Although visible, the image is washed and not very detailed. So, this projector is only recommended for use in a darkened room. You can use it on a 90-inch screen without compromising the image quality, but you will start noticing reduced sharpness and detail if you use a bigger screen size.

Meanwhile, ViewSonic M2 is rated at 1200 LED Lumens. It also has a projection resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a native aspect ratio of 16:9. You can get a 100-inch screen with a throw distance of 8 – 9 feet.

Compared to Xgimi MoGo Pro, ViewSonic M2 definitely has a better brightness level. The image is more visible and detailed during use in daylight. That said, do not expect anything extraordinary, as the colors will still look somewhat washed out. This projector is also best used at night or in a darkened room.

One small issue with ViewSonic M2 is the motion blur on the image. Some people have complained about this, as the motion blur causes everything to appear as if they were shot at 60+ fps. Fortunately, this issue has been fixed since the firmware update v0.57. Now, you can disable the motion blur by going into the picture settings > advanced > frame interpolation.

Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2: Features

Xgimi MoGo Pro is equipped with 1 HDMI port and 1 USB 2.0 port. You can use the projector without Wi-Fi by simply connecting it to your laptop via an HDMI or USB cable. Additionally, there is a pair of 3-Watt speakers inside the unit, and one audio output is available for external speakers or headphones.

Xgimi MoGo Pro runs on Android TV 9.0, so it supports Google Play Store and Google Assistant. Various streaming apps are available for download, including Netflix, HBO Max, and Prime Video. For wireless connectivity, Xgimi MoGo Pro comes with built-in dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz), Bluetooth 4.2, and Bluetooth 5.0. Although you can’t use Airplay natively, it is possible to download an app that will allow you to connect the projector to a nearby Airplay-enabled device. Meanwhile, Chromecast is available natively but requires an Internet connection.

ViewSonic M2 has a few more options when it comes to connectivity. In addition to the standard HDMI port and two USB ports, there is also a Micro-SD slot and an audio output. You also get a pair of 3-Watt internal speakers and the ability to use voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

People who want to enjoy vibrant, vivid movies may appreciate ViewSonic M2 more due to the HDR 10 content support and 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy. The Aptoide UI will allow you to install Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube. Last but not least, ViewSonic M2 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for screen mirroring from your laptop or smartphone, and it works just fine with Android and iOS devices.

Xgimi MoGo Pro vs ViewSonic M2

- Crisp 1080p Image: An advanced DLP lamp brings stunning FHD entertainment at a bright 300 ANSI lumens. Enjoy vivid colors on the giant 100-inch screen size.
- Built-In Android TV: Download apps directly to the projector from Google Play, including YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. You can also wirelessly mirror your phone's screen to the projector.
- Take It Outdoors: The MoGo Pro is a genuinely portable projector for outdoor movies that can run off the rechargable battery for the length of a film. Great for evening screenings outdoors.
- Perfect Display Every Time: Thanks to our auto focus function and 40° Auto Keystone Correction, you can achieve a perfect aspect ratio from almost any angle.
- PORTABLE PROJECTOR: Ultra-portable Full HD 1080p LED projector delivers convenient entertainment in nearly any room
- BIG SCREEN PROJECTION: Shorter throw lens project up to 100-inches from 8-feet 9-inches
- PREMIUM AUDIO: Built-in dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers deliver room-filling audio (Bluetooth connection is for audio only).
- APTOIDE UI: Download and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube from the integrated Aptoide menu. *Copyrighted content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu CANNOT be mirrored or screencast. Download the apps onto the projector to view


Although these projectors come with distinctive advantages, Xgimi MoGo Pro is generally better and more recommended. For a portable projector, its compact and lightweight design makes a big advantage. It is easier to use wirelessly, and there are a lot more apps to download from the Google Play Store.

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