Yaber V10 Vs V7

Yaber is one of the most popular alternatives for affordable projectors, such as the Yaber V10 Vs V7. These variants are perfect for home use and entertainment, such as watching movies and videos. The specs are very similar, and they share the same features. However, some notable differences may affect your decision, so let’s see below what to expect from these projectors.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Buying a Projector
  • What are Yaber V10 and V7
  • How are the Designs of Yaber V10 and V7
  • How are the Specs of Yaber V10 and V7
  • How is the Image Quality of Yaber V10 and V7
  • How to Setup Yaber V10 and V7
  • What else Yaber V10 and V7 can offer
  • Yaber V10 Vs V7

Buying a Projector

We love entertainment, and movies or videos are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Modern people can watch videos on smartphones, tablets, or computers, but these devices have small screens or monitors. The TV is an ideal solution to improve the watching experience, and you can build the sound system around it as well. But, large TVs are expensive and space-consuming, making them not as ideal for some people. A projector is an ideal choice if you also have the same concerns.

Projectors are significantly smaller as they only need to cast the image somewhere. The unit is ideal if you don’t have much space but want a significant viewing experience because we only need to find a clean flat surface to see the image. The placement is also much more versatile. Don’t have a spacy wall to cast the image? No problem, we can also use the ceiling as long as it is flat to prevent image distortion. We can buy a separate screen and watch it outdoors.

Some projectors have very short projection distances, making them even more versatile if you don’t have enough space to place the unit. A short projection model can cast a comparably large image at a much smaller distance to the screen than the standard model. Additionally, a projector is usually more affordable than a TV. Nowadays, the budget smart TVs are around $500, but you can find projectors starting at $100 or even less. While the budget options may not have the greatest image quality, they are still fun to watch.

 Yaber V10Yaber V7
Product Dimensions10.23 x 9.05 x 4.6 inches
15.39 x 11.1 x 6.26 inches
Shipping Weight‎4.84 pounds
‎4.9 pounds
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About Yaber V10 and V7

Of course, you can spend on high-end projectors, especially for a fixed setup like when building a home cinema. For most of us, a decent projector is enough, and if you have never used an expensive projector before, there is little chance that the image quality will be a problem. Affordable projectors are ideal for casual watchers who want to enjoy their favorite content on a widescreen. There are plenty of good options to consider depending on how you want to use the projector.

We recommend choosing the model that carries specific connectivity you will often use. For example, some projectors like XGIMI H2 Vs H3 can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and have a built-in OS to act as smart TV. Many cheaper options offer Wi-Fi ability and casting from your other device like smartphones. The Yaber V10 and V7 are some of the best options below $300 for you who want to connect a streaming stick to enjoy a smart function.

The Yaber V10 and V7 don’t have an operating system, so they rely on streaming sticks like Fire TV and Chromecast. They are also versatile to cast the phone’s display to a larger screen. These variants are very similar, and as budget options, their image quality won’t be stellar like models five or ten times their price. While mainly offering the same features, V10 is a newer model and brings some upgrades and added features to the unit.

One of the most noticeable is a slight upgrade in clarity and design. Depending on whether the added features are necessary for your application, the V10 can be a worthy upgrade. But, if you don’t have any of the two yet, we will recommend choosing V10 because it is an improved model and still very affordable for what it can offer.

Yaber V10 and V7 Design

Separating Yaber V10 and V7 is very easy because they redesigned V10. The V10 is no longer white like most projectors in this line, and it uses a space gray shade instead. The new projector looks more expensive and sturdy with two metal feet holding the unit, so it doesn’t touch the table’s surface. V10’s overall look is somehow more industrial than casual like V7. The form factor is not much different because V10 is slightly larger at 26 x 23 x 11.7 cm while V7 is 26.5 x 20.5 x 10.5 cm.

The V10 has a unique design, and you may wonder what the large circle next to the lens is. This feature is a circulating air system, so it has the same function as the grille on the sidewalls. The metal feel seems to improve air circulation without increasing the heat during use. Both projectors have a fan to help the cooling process. Both projectors come with remote control, but you can find the built-in control at the top surface.

Yaber V10 and V7 Specs

Next, let’s check the basic specs of Yaber V10 and V7 to see what they can offer. The most important part of a projector is the lamp’s brightness, usually measured in Lumens. These affordable projectors claim to produce 9500L which is likely not the case. High brightness means we can watch the image in a brighter condition or room, so it is crucial if you will be using these projectors in a well-lit room or during the day. But, they should be better in darker rooms.

The contrast ratio is also identical or 12000:1, which is very high. The contrast ratio is the ratio of the light reflected from an all-white image and an all-black image. Thus, these projectors’ white image should be 12000 brighter than their black image. The higher the ratio, the more detail we can see from the image, but what’s on paper and in real life is often different.

Yaber V10 and V7 Image Quality

As for image quality, the Yaber V10 and V7 are not significantly different. They are bright enough for home use, but we don’t think they are exactly what the specs tell. We find the best in a dim room or when all curtains are closed. The color is very pleasing, especially if this is your first projector. They will be even better when you turn off the light as there is no other light source that can reduce the image quality. The resolution is 1080p, but they still look pleasant for most videos.

However, these projectors don’t have the same image size at the same distance. The V10 is ideal when 9 feet from the screen, and the closest distance should be 4.5 feet. The V7’s best distance is 11 feet, while the shortest ideal throw is 5.5 feet from the screen. The V7 can cast a 50-inch image diagonally at 7.8 feet from the screen, while to achieve the exact image size, V10 only requires a 7.1 feet distance.

Yaber V10 and V7 Setup

Setting up the Yaber V10 and V7 is straightforward, but we noticed that they have different user interfaces. The V7 looks outdated or simpler, but it also looks less attractive. Users need to plug a particular input into the corresponding connector, like a streaming stick. Select the input signal from your menu, such as HDMI1/HDMI2/AV. You can also plug a USB stick and play the video in your external storage like regular TVs. These projectors can read typical video files, PPT files, audio files, and TEXT.

If you have to cast the image on a smartphone, we can choose screen mirroring through Wi-Fi. Make sure that your bandwidth is at least 100Mbit for a smooth performance. The phone or device also sits near the projector or at a 1-meter maximum. Most smart devices can support screen mirroring, but some may not be compatible.

Yaber V10 and V7 Features

Lastly, we want to talk about the features of Yaber V10 and V7. The projectors have built-in speakers, but V10 has more speakers in it. The projector also has bidirectional BT technology, which expands the ability to connect your smartphone and makes it an external speaker, while V7 can connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones only. The V7 boasts 6D keystone correction, an automatic feature that automatically adjusts the image, while V10 has a manual 4-point keystone. In practice, we think the manual gives you more freedom to adjust according to setup challenges.

Yaber V10 Vs V7

Both Yaber V10 and V7 are good options in the price range, but they are also different. The V10 is newer and has a better design, especially in material, aesthetic and cooling ability. The image quality is not far different, but the user interface looks better on the V10. The V10 also connects to your smartphone for external Bluetooth speakers. The V10 has manual 4-point keystone correction, which is easier and more versatile for different situations.

- [Bidirectional 5.1 Bluetooth& 5G/2.4G WIFI] Official Feature Sponsor of New Orleans Film Festival-YABER V10 1080P projector built-in the latest bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 chip and stereo surround speaker, which not only can connect your Bluetooth speakers wireless but also can be connected to the mobile phone as a speaker at any time freely. With ultra fast &stable 5G WIF, V10 can mirror videos/photos/games from smartphone or other devices to the big screen freely.
- [9500L Real 1080P & Support 4K & Space Style Design] V10 home projector is the first projector on the market that adopts high transmittance and refraction of lens with 9500L Brightness,12000:1 high contrast.It brings wider color gamut, sharp and detailed images than other 1080P projector.Also, V10 adopts the YABER 2.0 Smart Engine technology, with excellent UI design makes the operation of the product more user-friendly. First-adoption of space style,take you to explore the mysteries of space.
- [4-Point Keystone Correction & 50% ZOOM Function] With upgraded 4-Point keystone correction, V10 video projector can achieve a higher level of precision correction. The four corners of the image can be adjusted separately, not limited by the position of the projector. The digital zoom function can reduce the image size from 100% to 50% by the remote without moving the projector.
- [Advanced Cooling System & Presentation via USB] The first LCD projector equipped with sturdy anti-oxidation bimetallic brackets, which not only increases the height of the projector, but also expands the ventilation area. 3-sideds ventilation design ensures that the heat dissipation efficiency of the projector is increased by 40%. Excel/Word/PDF can be easily displayed on the projector via your USB stick. Say bye to complicated connections and make small conferences more efficient.
- 【“Official Feature Sponsor of New Orleans Film Festival”Innovative Auto 6D Keystone Correction & 4P/4D Keystone】 YABER Pro V7 pioneered Auto 6D keystone correction, It's the first projector with 6D automatic keystone technology on the market. Which means that after turning on the power to set the rectangular standard image, if the projector undergoes any movement or collision, V7 will automatically correct it and return to the standard image within 1s.
-【“Official Feature Sponsor of New Orleans Film Festival”-5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi Dual-Band & Bluetooth 5.0】YABER Pro V7 supports 5GHz&2.4GHzWiFi dual-band, 5G WiFi support higher wireless rates which can make image/video transmission smoother. Also, Pro V7 Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 function with SRS sound system which can connect with Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers and Airpods compatible with Stick TV / Laptop/ Blu-Ray DVD playe/PS3/PS4/TVbox/Amazon Fire TV / Roku Streaming Stick/Laptop.
-【“Official Feature Sponsor of New Orleans Film Festival”- 9500L & Brightness +25% than all other 1080P Projector】 Pro V7 makes life shine. Compared with similar 1080p projectors on the market, Pro V7 is undoubtedly advantageous in terms of brightness. Brightness increased by 25% up to 9500 L,With 9500L Brightness,12000:1 high contrast, It is the highest brightness 1080P Native Resolution projector on the market so far. With a Pro V7 in home, who will want other item?
-【“Official Feature Sponsor of New Orleans Film Festival”- BASIC Smart Engine】 BASIC Smart Engine is a creative projection technology developed by YABER. Pro V7 is the first projector equipped with this technology in the home entertainment projector industry, with the leading and practical performance. Through this technology the best audio-visual experience can be obtained in five aspects: Brightness, Abundant Color, Sound Effect, Immersive Display, Clarity.


The decision is yours because both projectors are equally good. We recommend the Yaber V10 because it has more features and is easier to use with popular 4-point keystone correction. This projector is ideal for home use and best in dark rooms or very little ambient light.


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